VIR Software

VIR Software - design si business analysis

In a dynamic world, in a competitive market, will build successful image.
Virtual or real, up or stagnation, looking for opportunities or ongoing projects, the image speaks your business better than 1000 words.
We are the 1001-th word will out from the crowd, will streamline office work and make money.

We offer what you missed so far: overall solutions but also timely services
professional Design
Utilities - e-commerce, recruitment, statistics, online ERP, etc.
Multimedia - CD Presentation
Promotion-Online - Offline
Software development solutions on request
office applications
industrial applications
Consulting services reimbursable financing
Analysis of funding opportunities
defining projects
Checking the eligibility of projects for EU funding, public, etc.
Development of business plans, development impact studies, economic evaluations / financial
Preparing applications for EU grants
Management of projects funded