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VIR Energia - Valea Călugăreasca

The renewable energy defines all forms of energy being produced using only natural resources.
Thus, the solar energy,the wind power, flowing waters, the various
biological processes and geothermal heat can be captured and transformed by people using different methods.Nonrenewable energy sources include nuclear power and the energy generated by burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. These resources are obviously linked and conditioned by the limited existence of these natural deposits, and are generally considered non-renewable.
In the context of a market becoming more energy hungry, the company VIR ENERGYdecided in the first stage, the exploitation with a high efficiency conversion rate of the solar power. This goal can be achievable by constructing an industrial photovoltaic park, who converts the conventional solar light in electric power.


VIR Energia, is managing and projecting by own specialists a photovoltaic power plant with high efficiency conversion rate, which will be built on a park with a total area of 26.9 ha. The first stage of the process will value an area of approx. 12 hectares of photovoltaic panels with an average power of 180-320 WP.
This solution optimizes the economic efficiency of the power plant, ensuring a good price per kWh.
The control and safety system of the power plant will be in accordance with
European standards and the World Organization of Energy.