Industrial Ecology and Environmental solutions - an ecological approach towards economic development. 

Although the environmental problems have occurred much earlier in Eastern Europe, they have been ignored or treated superficially. 

This approach has made us to consider the processing and waste management like a long term, economic potential.

What Does “Greening” Mean

The steps to obtain the "greening" qualification are: 
• identifying  all the problems by obtaining accurate data from the 
factors involved and also from the specialists on the field; 
• identifying the pollutant factors involved (including sampling for laboratory analysis); 
• establishment of rules/ work procedures/ interventions; 
• the perimeter insulation, depending on the identified degree of hazard; 
• cleaning / decontamination process of the perimeter, after taking into custody  the waste by different processes that can differ depending on the situation; 
• the handover of the perimeter for future use.

The degree of sanitation refers to waste disposal process of any category, from a given field. The ultimate goal is a clean field, unaffected by contamination of any kind.
The degree of reconstruction process measures the various transformations fazes of an area already cleaned into a final green place. It measures such the reintegration in the nature of a polluted or barren land.